What to Expect From Your Water Damage Contractor

Water Damage Can’t Wait

Any competent water damage restoration Austin company should understand that water damage and flood damage are emergency services. They should be willing, able and dedicated to 24/7 immediate response to calls for water damage. Home or business owners should never be asked to accept next day or “first thing in the morning” service. A water extraction call is an emergency call for immediate help.

Expect Emergency Response

If your residence, business, or industrial property in Austin TX, has been impacted by a water damage or flooding incident Austin water damage representatives should be on site within the hour of your emergency call. They should first entirely evaluate the situation, and with your approval, then begin water extraction and drying process. When your property is covered in water from any source time is not your friend. The sooner the water is extracted, the property completely dried out, and restored, the better the result will be.

ExpectThe Best Equipment

Austin water damage restoration experts use the latest and most effective equipment when restoring businesses or homes back to pre-loss conditions. Air movers, blowers, dehumidification machines, air scrubbers, moisture meters, as well as disinfectants, sanitizers and odor control purifiers guarantee that they can make your home look brand new and without any structural damage.

Expect Proper Assessment of The Damage

When they enter into homes or organizations in Austin they use skilled moisture detection gear to accurately assess and document the problems, as well as the quantity of water extraction cleanup caused by flooding. They also evaluate the regions which have visibly deteriorated any pre-existing damage as well as the likelihood of mold expansion. They use all sorts of water restoration gear to efficiently remove water and flood damage for your property. Water damage restoration professionals in Austin are effectively equipped to handle and restore your property back to its former condition within a reasonable amount of time. The proper steps to water damage cleanup process are listed below.

1. Assessment & Survey of Water Damage/Flooding
2. Removal of valuables so they are kept clean during course of action.
3. Remove all traces of standing water.
4. If there is any secondary damage, remove and disinfect any bacteria due to the water damage.
5. Next, stabilize the moist and damp environment by using massive air dehumidifiers and air movers to suck out the damp air that can cause additional expansion of mold and mildew. Fresh and dry air is blown back into the environment to stabilize and dry the air additional.

Expect Help With Your Insurance

Your water damage contractor should be able to work with your insurance company. They should have the expertise to guide you through the claim process. As a property owner you need to be vigilant about residence maintenance and pay attention to any water leaks that have to be attended to. Realize even just after a flood or natural catastrophe, your homeowners insurance coverage carrier expects you to simply act promptly to minimize any additional water damage for your property.